Cannabis Therapy for Headaches

Cannabis Therapy for Headaches may be one over-the-counter medication for migraine relief as some research indicates that it assists in easing migraine symptoms. But most examinations have not established solid proof of that. Besides, in some states, it is not lawful to buy, cultivate, possess, or use Cannabis, even for medicinal purposes. New studies have discovered the painkilling effects of cannabis in those suffering from migraine and the probable roles of THC. Read more.

Migraine is one of the most widespread illnesses in the human race. Some 39 million people in the United States and 1 billion persons globally suffer from migraine headaches. Additionally, one in eight men, women, and children living on the earth nowadays suffer from migraine headaches. Approximately half of women experience migraines in the course of their life, mostly between the ages of 35 and 45.

Many management alternatives are obtainable, together with a bevy of preventive and pain-relieving medicine. Some victims have even turned to psychedelic drugs for a reprieve. However, this is not so astonishing when you learn that LSD was initially developed as a vasoconstrictor. This is a class of drugs used in treating migraines.

On the other hand, Cannabis is known as an opportune and successful treatment of pain from migraines and other nuisance. According to an article review published in August 2021 by a group of researchers from Florida, present proof shows that cannabis use reduces the duration and frequency of migraine. This was achieved through the glutamine, provocative, opiate, and serotonin pathway. Two of the 34 studies incorporated in the review conversed in greater detail below.

Besides, two published papers propose that terpenes, the components causing the delicate scent of the cannabis plant, have therapeutic effects.

THC Rich Cannabis Flower for Migraine and Headache Relief

An image showing cannabis FlowerA study published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine in September 2020 established inhaled cannabis was extremely efficient for headaches. Researchers at the University of New Mexico drew on more than 2.5 years’ worth of information from the digital app Releaf. They used it to study concurrent relations between cannabis intake and migraine and headache signs. Patients used the app to document pain concentration on a 0-10 scale before and immediately after cannabis ingestion.

Ninety-four percent of users acknowledged symptom relief in two hours of cannabis use, with a standard pain concentration reduction. Men reported bigger relief than women, and patients below 35 years of age tended to get better more than older patients. This study established that THC levels above 10% were the strongest sovereign forecaster of significant relief.


Cannabis Therapy for Headaches | Concentrates Are More Efficient Than Smoked Flower

An image of a man with severe headacheInhaling cannabis reduced headache and migraine pain by about half and larger reductions were linked to concentrates than with flower.

Washington State University team scrutinized information from the medical cannabis app to examine the impact of cannabis on headaches. The researchers also evaluated the impact of gender, cannabis type, dose, and concentration of THC and CBD on this outcome.

After gathering data from hundreds of app users, the researchers established that inhaling cannabis reduced headache and migraine pain. Their findings, published in May 2021 in The Journal of Pain, discovered larger reductions linked to concentrates than a flower. The authors also found that men accounted for bigger benefits than women.

Nevertheless, they also noticed a tolerance effect with continued use. Thus, Cannabis’ effectiveness appears to reduce across time and patients use bigger doses across time.

Terpene-Based Medications for Brain Health

An image showing the structure of the brainSo what is it about cannabis that assists in improving migraine and headache symptoms? Is it principally THC and CBD together, which is best for the relief of acute pain?

Another factor may be terpenes, the plant components that both safeguard and pass on flavor and fragrance to cannabis. Terpenes are more and more being studied for their therapeutic outcome in humans.

In an article published in August 2021 in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry, researchers from Australia evaluated proof of benefits. These were pertinent to neurological and psychiatric disorders linked to two well-known cannabis terpenes, pinene, and linalool. These components influence various neurotransmitters, stirring, and neurotrophic signals. Existing information suggests that migraine, stroke, ischemia, and other forms of neuropathic pain may be assisted by these terpenes.


Cannabis Therapy for Headaches | Terpenes Restrain Neuro Inflammation

An image showing the structure of a neuronTerpenes are more and more being considered for their therapeutic effect in humans.

An August 2021 evaluation by Mexican researchers in Frontiers in Pharmacology considers terpenes as anti-inflammatory agents. Besides, it assesses their potential as substitute treatments for irritation of the brain and skin. In the former category, irritation is a distinctive feature of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. They also noted the latest study by Iranian scientists who established an antidepressant-like outcome in mice of limonene. This additional terpene is present in many cannabis varieties that are mediated through inhibition of Neuroinflammation.

While the authors don’t particularly talk about headaches or migraine in relation to terpenes and Neuroinflammation, more studies are required. With all these findings, what begins to take shape is a good case for the painkilling effects of Cannabis. THC, CBD, and at least fewer terpenes in cannabis are all probable to contribute to the treatment of migraine pain.